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They Grow Up So Fast: Tips for Teen Drivers

This back-to-school season puts all the lessons about driver safety and vehicle maintenance into play, for students and their parents.

Don’t Leave Home without Them

There’s always room in the car for a device that could save your life or make an emergency less stressful.

Smithsonian Pays Tribute To National Park Celebration

Photo courtesy National Park Service

The National Park Service turns 100 this year and America’s Attic has the decorations handled.

Specifically, the Smithsonian has provided 60 photographs of scores of national parks for the centennial celebration.

Time to Worry About Spots on Driveway?

Take a look at your driveway. Is it stained with a technicolor array of vehicle fluids?

Whether it’s green, red, or brown, a fluid leak isn’t something to ignore. Here’s how to determine where the drip might be coming from.

How to Fight Off Autumn Allergens

Fall’s arrival means the return of amber leaves and pumpkin lattes.

For allergy sufferers this time of year means a raw throat, chapped nostrils and reddened eyes.

What to do?

Distracted Driving Factors in Many Teen Crashes

Parents often wonder how their teens really drive when they’re not in the car. So did researchers at the AAA Foundation.

Wheel Care: Return Luster to Faded Rims

Polished wheels mounted on jet black tires turns heads and draws stares for all the right reasons.

The glint of light radiating from a finely groomed vehicle is like wearing a tuxedo--it evokes style and sophistication.

How can you give your vehicle that touch of panache?

Toyota Introduces 2017 Prius Upgrades

It’s no secret that the Toyota Prius gives great gas mileage and safety.

In fact, this iconic vehicle has set the standard for hybrid performance.

The 2017 model gives you even more reasons to fall in love with Prius. Check out the latest technology, colors and other improvements.

Best 7 Ways to Wash Summer Grime Away

Months of searing heat and filthy roads have taken their toll.

The paint is gritty, the windows are caked with insects, and you can sign your name in the accumulated road dust. Here’s what to know and what to focus on to restore that glimmer and shine.

Check Tires for Wear Before Autumn Rains

We can go months without really looking at--much less thinking about--our tires.

Such complacency means we’ll fail to notice cracking, underinflation, uneven tread and other symptoms of wear and tear.