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Weather Change Signals New Hazards For Young Drivers

Harsh weather, longer nights and distractions on virtually every corner tilts the table against teen drivers this time of year.

Four Ways to Improve Comfort, Safety for the Holidays

Modern conveniences make driving more pleasurable and safer. That's especially true when it comes to challenges posed by inclement weather.

Are you taking advantage of the latest technology? See how you can benefit.

Things to Consider When Your Vehicle Gets Drippy

Nobody likes to see fluid dripping from their vehicle, especially when it forms small puddles.  Usually, you notice it after parking overnight. 

Your vehicle is trying to tell you something. Find out what.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Those Wily Winter Roads

Few driving experiences are more humbling than waiting for a tow truck on a rainy day, brackish water splashing your windshield with every passing vehicle.

Authorities Gear Up for Safe Holiday Driving

You're not paranoid, police patrols really do intensify this time of year. Authorities nationwide beef up their enforcement efforts during the holidays to punish impaired drivers and discourage the from taking the wheel while impaired. 

Keep Your Wheels Shining Brightly Despite Foul Weather

Those beautiful, expensive wheels face some harsh realities in the next few months. Winter roads are tortuous on metals and alloys, but you can fight back against the grime.

See how to keep your wheels shining brightly for miles and miles.

Organizers Help Box Up that Clutter In Your Car

It gets out of control quickly--the papers, toys, sports gear, pens and personal affects. Soon you're spending more time looking for items than using them.

Fear not, Check out organizers that help us get a handle on the stuff we carry along for the ride.

Window Care: How to Make Glass Sparkle Like New

Road grime and early fall rains can turn a vehicle's windshield into in a shield of glare. The problem is especially acute in fall as the sun sits lower on the horizon, enhancing streaks and haze on both sides of the glass. 

How can you keep your windshield from becoming a driving hazard?

Some Simple Medicine for a Nodding Head, Heavy Eyelids

There are people who would never skydive or whitewater raft because of the inherent danger, yet they routinely court disaster with drowsy driving.

Autumn Driving, Safety Tips for Your Teen

Autumn’s early sunsets, foggy mornings and falling leaves present a variety of roadway hazards--especially for teenage drivers.